Fleet Services

At Wheel Change U, we pride ourselves in assisting in your fleet tyre management needs.

We provide businesses/organisations with regular onsite inspects in order to assist with tyre management.

These inspections are carried out by our experienced tyre technicians and after each inspection we provide the fleet manager/business owner with a report containing details of current tyre wear, tyre damage, whether tyre rotations are due and highlight possible wheel alignment issues.

Wheel Change U have technicians in a variety of areas across New South Wales and as such we have the ability to assist with your tyre servicing and inspections.

Tyre management and inspection will help to ensure that your fleet stays on the road where it should be and no vehicle is left behind.

Depending  on your type of business/organization we recommend that the inspections are completed on a monthly or quarterly basis so that you are able to extend the life of your tyres, ensure that they are up to legal requirements and that your vehicles are fit to be on the road.

 The inspections are quick and easy and do not leave your fleet off the road for long at all.

Each assessment only takes between 5-10 minutes, we bring all our own equipment and are in and out without interrupting your day to day business.

 We don’t want to stop your business from running, so we make sure that we come at a time that is convenient for you and your fleet, if you have vehicles that are not onsite at the time – we can come back and assess them when its best for you.

 To find out more or to schedule in an assessment for your fleet vehicles, contact Allan on 0488 091 100 or [email protected]